Become a Successful Online Vendor With Us!

Become a Successful Online Vendor With Us!

How To Become An Online Vendor

Online selling has become one of the most profitable marketing options today. Nobody has the time to go to the mall or supermarket anymore and would prefer to have their products delivered right to their doorstep.

The Green Grass Mall offers opportunities to quickly become an online vendor, with minimal hassles. We do not have any sign-up fees or monthly charges. You also do not have to worry about unexpected commission fees, as we give the lowest commission rates. We take you through the steps to become an online vendor.

Sign up to list and sell products online with Green Grass Mall today! List what you want, when you want. Include services, products, and subscriptions, and get the recognition your online business deserves!

Upload your services and products, receive payment, and set up your schedules. Start managing your business on your terms. Keep reading to learn more about becoming an online vendor with us.


Here’s What You Need To Do!

What is an online vendor, you ask? This is an individual or company that sells products online. Green Grass Mall allows local vendors to list and sell products online.

To become a vendor with us, you must supply quality goods and services to your customers. Once you sign up, you can freely post your product, set your price, and manage your store without stress.

It only takes five minutes to become a vendor online with us. Follow these four easy steps to start selling:


Register and List Your Products And Services

Register to become a vendor for free with Green Grass Mall. Our advisors can help you set up your shop and take your business online.

Go to our website and click the register link at the bottom of the page.


List And Sell Products Online

Create a catalog that depicts what you sell and the prices. Add pictures and descriptions to your products to encourage customers to buy them.


Receive Orders And Make Deliveries

Receive orders through your dashboard and decide whether to confirm or reject the order.

Once you confirm an order, package the product and ship it to the consumer. You can keep track of the customer’s order to ensure they receive their product.


Receive Payments And Grow Your Business

Receive your payment for successful orders completed and get ready for the next. We ensure that all our local vendors that sell products online receive payment without delay.


Here’s a summary of ten steps toward becoming a green grass mall vendor:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Login or Register link at the top left page.
  3. Click the Register tab.
  4. Select the “I am a vendor” check box.
  5. Enter your personal and store info.
  6. Click “I have read and agree to the terms and conditions.”
  7. Follow the setup wizard to complete your profile.
  8. Set up store info.
  9. Finalize and go to the vendor dashboard.
  10. Start listing and selling your products.

With these ten easy steps, you can become a vendor and start cashing and reaping the benefits of selling online, no matter your location or affairs.

At Green Grass Mall, you cannot be let down. We allow our sellers to be creative about their online store without fearing reprimand. More so, you get premium benefits with us as a vendor.


Do You Want To Become An Online Vendor?

At Green Grass Mall, we make you an online vendor. Use us to position your products and services in front of a wider audience. Some of our service areas include:

Create your seller account and grow your business exponentially with us. Sign up today or contact us to get started.


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