How to Sell Products

Procedures and Tips on How to Sell Products as an Online Vendor

Online stores are one of the best platforms to exhibit your products and services. It makes it easier to project yourself as an online vendor to your customers, and your customers can quickly shop for their needs without stress. However, to attract and maintain your audience, you must know how to sell products aptly.


Selling products online can mean you have your online store through the Green Grass mall or work as a product supplier for an online store. In any case, the Green Grass Mall provides a secure platform for you to list and sell products online.


Selling your products on Green Grass Mall is accessible and helpful. With 20 easy steps, you can create your online space, set up, and sell your products. You can also apply to be a supplier for online stores, supplying varied products depending on the category.


Steps on How to Sell Products

You can use these 20 easy steps to set up your store and sell your products on Green Grass Mall.


  1. Visit the Green Grass Mall home page.
  2. Click the Login/register link at the top of the page.
  3. Click the Register Tab as a new vendor or the Login tab as an existing vendor.
  4. Tick the “I am a vendor” box.
  5. Enter your personal and shop details [ensure all fields are correctly filled].
  6. Tick the “I have read and agree” box and click the register.
  7. Follow setup wizard instructions.
  8. Set up the store information.
  9. Complete payment setup.
  10. Move on to your store dashboard.
  11. Click on your vendor dashboard view.

At this point, your dashboard as an online vendor should be up and running. Then to start selling your products, move on to finish up with the 9 remaining steps.


  1. Click the product tab on the top left and the “Add product” icon.
  2. Enter all your product descriptions [price, images, category, and short preview of the product].
  3. Click “create a product.”
  4. It takes you to an edit product page where you can add needed product info.
  5. Click on the products icon to see the list of products.
  6. You can add additional products by clicking the “Add new product” at the top right of the screen.
  7. You can duplicate your product with the edit product page button.
  8. Remember to fill in all the critical info about the product variance.
  9. Direct your customers to visit your store here!

If you’ve been wondering about “how to list and sell your products online,” the 20 steps will guide you. Hence, your online store on Green Grass Mall will be ready for product sales with data, a stable network, and a device.


Sell Your Products on Green Grass Mall

The Green Grass Mall allows people to fulfill their sales-dream as online vendors. You get to sell your products at a low commission rate. In addition, we deal with our vendors and suppliers in the most transparent way possible. Don’t keep your customers waiting; sign up today, and start selling products and rendering services to your targeted audience.
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